HOBI Studios and Ramon Taylor Photography Present “The Evolution of SHE Awards and Soiree” #PassionateSpot


HOBI Studios and Ramon Taylor Photography Present

“The Evolution of SHE Awards and Soiree”

Join us for a perfect fusion of music and art as we celebrate some of Atlanta’s most distinguished women.  Individuals to be honored include, Kiki Ely and Sakinah Lestage, Tish Taylor, Dr. Jing Jing Wong, Christina Johnson, Debra Antney, Chanita Foster and Bo Talley.

Kontrol Magazine is our official media sponsor, with other companies participating.

Status Publicity

Sweet Shot Cupcakes


Miss Jessie

SwagHer Magazine

Special performances by Rudy Currence and Casme Barnes.

Refreshments and gift bags for all guests.

[Recap] Tamika Newhouse speaks in #Harlem at the Phenolot.com Mag event. #TamikaOnTour

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A Hustlers Coalition ll The Hustle Continues by Bengy D. Sherman on eBooks April 21st #PassionateSpot

HustlersCoalition2Just when you thought the streets where safe..

Cin-Loc, Trill, J’Rock and Tone are the remaining original members of Fort Worth’s own Black Cartel GMB. Now that Free’s incarcerated doing a 5 year bid it’s time for the team to step to the plate and keep what they put together afloat. With his right hand man Cin-Loc at the helm in Free’s absence he quickly finds out being the HNIC isn’t all what it cracks out to be. The members of GMB soon find themselves up shit creek without a paddle. Can the team prosper in Free’s absence or will they crash in burn see what happens in Book 2 of the Hustler Coalition series.


“Oh shit, nigga! That’s it right there,” she said, throwing her ass back harder, trying to take my dick further in. I put the pound game on her, trying to put this hoe into submission; this freak wasn’t having any of that shit. Trill and Smoke looked on in awe. The coke had my dick completely numb; I couldn’t feel a goddamn thang, but I didn’t need to because I knew my magic stick was doing its thang and I was about to have this hoe in overdrive. Out of nowhere, this hoe begins bawling. This crazy bitch, but I like that shit, I thought to myself.

“Let me ride that motherfucker,” she suddenly said. I pulled out and took a seat on the lazy boy, reclining that bitch back as far as it could go. I was sweating like a slave making their way through the underground tunnel. She got on her knees and popped my dick into her mouth and my knees began to shake. Damn, baby’s head game was off the radar, I might have to keep this bitch around for a while, I thought, trying to make my dick touch the back of her throat and not one time did this bitch gag. A pro for real. She stopped sucking and my eyes popped open. I was like, “Bitch, what the fuck you doing?” and then she straddled me in a backwards position, with both knees on each arm of the lazy boy. She eased down on my dick, and I grabbed her waist for control, and every time she came down, I pushed up, meeting her in the middle.

“Damn, bitch. This some good pussy,” I said, I couldn’t deny it; the bitch had some fire. She didn’t respond and continued with the task at hand. I grabbed a handful of her hair, and with my other arm, I reached around and started to massage her clit in a curricular motion. She was crying out in ecstasy. My phone rang and diverted my head to the pocket of my jeans. I was steady bouncing her up and down on my dick when I told Smoke to see who it was.

“Cin,” said Smoke. Shit, this nigga always had a tendency to call at the most inopportune times, fuck, I thought to myself. I was now standing when I bucked Cherry off me, but she gathered herself quickly, snatching my dick and inserting it into her mouth. I could feel this volcano about to erupt.

“Say, Cin says it’s important,” Smoke said, reminding me.

“Tell that nigga to hold up a sec. I’m almost there,” I could see Smoke relay what I said back to Cin, and from the big ass grin on his face, I knew I had gotten the result that I wanted. I shot my load all down Cherry’s throat, not letting one drop escape her lips. I motioned for Trill and Smoke to finish the hoe off and them niggas was on her like a cheetah on a rabbit, “Hey, you niggas better strap up,” I warned, before snatching my cell off the coffee table, and I flopped down heavily onto the sofa still ass naked.

Pre-Order your copy here http://amzn.to/1G99lwH

Watch the Love and Hip Hop ATL #LHHATL super trailer now and see you Monday for our love tweet chat #PassionateSpot

Follow on Twitter @TamikaNewhouse and Facebook.com/TamikaNewhouse for the live chat as #LHHATL airs live

VH1’s most successful reality series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns in less than a week (April 20), and while yesterday saw the release of yet another juicy preview to whet our appetites, the network has finally delivered the goods in the form of a six-minute supertrailer.

Well, what are you waiting for? Watch below to find out what Joseline, Erica, Stevie J and more have in store for us when television’s guiltiest pleasure returns next Monday.

#Chicago save the date for this event and book signing with Tiss Devane​ #PassionateSpot

E_Book Signing flyer

#BlackFiction exclusive excerpt of Ms. Nice Nasty on eBooks April 6th by Lakisha Johnson

NiceNastySynopsis: Camille Holden-Shannon has always been who she says she is, a woman who can command a courtroom and bedroom without opening her mouth! She’s sexy, confident and not afraid; her credentials speak for themselves. She loves her family and her career but she cannot deny the fact that she loves sex and lots of it. She doesn’t break up homes; she simply gets what she needs and she’s gone! 
Her career suddenly takes a turn in the right direction and she is thrown into the public’s eye and all hell breaks loose! A secret adds more fuel to the fire already burning inside her chaotic home and to make matters worse she finds herself being tormented by a ghost from her past! Can she hold it all together or will she break under the pressure? Will Ms. Nice Nasty hang up her stilettos or can she come out on top like she’s known to do.


Chapter 5
Music playing
“Oh, come on and rock me, ooh, girl
Oh, come on and rock me, ooh, girl
Hey, girl, long time no see
Do you have a little time to spend with me?
I wanna know what’s been going on
In your life, huh, talk to me, baby”
“Terrance,” I call out when I don’t see him in the living room.
“Hey, I didn’t hear you come in.”
“I know because you got your Freddie Jackson bumping. What do you know about that?”
“I know enough,” He says singing in my ear, “Ooh, girl, I’m gonna love you real good. Come on let me do it now, you know I could. I really miss the way you squeeze and moan and call out my name, woo, you can call me, baby.”
“Is that so? Why don’t you show me then,” I say pushing him away as I pull my shirt over my head, throwing it in the floor. He continues to sing down the hall to the bedroom and I follow like I am headed towards the adventure of my life. I unfasten my bra and throw it on the floor as I watch him watching me. I step out of my heels as I slowly unbutton my jeans working them off along with my panties.
“Damn, you are so sexy.”
“Am I?”
“You know you are. Now come here and let me taste you. You know I’ve been missing your sweetness.”
“Since you ask so nicely,” I answer slowly walking over to the bed. He pulls me into him and kisses me so hard I can hardly catch my breath. “Damn boy!”
He didn’t say anything as he pushes me down on the bed. “Close your eyes and don’t say one word.”
“Now–” I start to say before he grabs my mouth.
“Not one word Camille!” He barks.
Ok, I like this!
I feel him tie something around my wrist and then my ankle. I want to open my eyes so bad but the suspense of what he is doing is turning me on big time! He walks around the bed and does the same thing to my other wrist and ankle all without saying anything. Did he leave?
“Ooo,” I moan as I feel something cold on my candy lady.
“Don’t you dare open your eyes,” he says when he sees me raise my head.
“Shit!” I scream when he blows on my clit. He sends my mind racing before burying his head into my candy land. I go to grab his head forgetting my hands are tied to the bed and he smiles. At his mercy and I love every second of it. “I’m cummmin…” I sing out as the orgasm rocks my core. I open my eyes to see who the hell this man is because it couldn’t possibly be the Terrance I knew. He had never given me an orgasm like this before.
“Untie me,” I said needing to return the favor. “Terrance, untie me.”
“You’re in my house, my rules!” He said as he eased his way up my body reaching to get a condom from the nightstand.
“Baby, please! I need my hands on you.”
“What did I say?” He asks as he inserts 2 fingers into me and quickly finds the spot to shut me up. “I can’t hear you.” He said going deeper causing me to squirt all over his hand as I scream out in ecstasy…

Get your copy now at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SK6ODO0

Black Writers of Delphine Publications sign at Black Womens Expo #TeamDelphine

IMG_20150328_141527 IMG_20150328_145833 IMG_20150328_120735 IMG_20150328_130211 IMG_20150328_140739 IMG_20150328_104503 IMG_20150328_104253 IMG_20150328_103235 IMG_20150328_102936IMG_20150327_111943 IMG_20150327_124244 IMG_20150327_134551 IMG_20150327_110904 IMG_20150327_135256 IMG_20150327_150241 IMG_20150328_155432 IMG_20150328_155250 IMG_20150328_162410 IMG_20150328_172240IMG_20150329_135207 IMG_20150329_131825 IMG_20150329_140325 IMG_20150329_145811 IMG_20150329_135250


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