Plain Jane and The Illest Na Na Episode 5 hit #1 on #Amazon #PassionateSpot

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Tamika Newhouse signs, The Words I Didn’t Say in Chattanooga, TN #TamikaOnTour #PassionateSpot

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She wins a award for Author of the Year at Kontrol Your Destiny Awards

I was excited to head on out to the Kontrol Your Destiny Awards in Atlanta where I was nominated for Author of the Year. I have been nominated for several awards since starting out nearly eight years ago and have won a few. But it had been a while since I had attended a award show and was able to bask in the glory of my hard work. I also was LIVE on periscope that night so if you want to be nosey and follow the happenings of my life follow @tamikanewhouse. But to say the least I won the award. And it was surreal after coming off of the high of my 13th book Plain Jane releasing and hitting number 1. Just take a look at my pics. What a night yall!

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#NewRelease To Love a No Good Nigga by Phoenix Williams #PasionateSpot

TAMIKA_TOLOVEA To the outside world, the Bird sisters have it all: money, power, a successful interior design firm, and beauty. However, on the inside, these three black socialites are a mess. They have allowed the dysfunctional and at times, emotionally abusive marriage of their parents to color their views on life and love.

Robin is determined to have a family at any cost and is willing to destroy anyone standing in her way. Raven has been married for ten long years and sees no way out of her drug dealing husband’s tight grasp, until she begins to fall for his best friend. Sparrow is afraid of becoming consumed by men and love like her mother, so she leaves a trail of broken hearts in her wake and some don’t take the rejection as well as others.

When all three sisters put their trust in the wrong men, they find themselves faced with deadly stalkers, scorned ex-husbands, and jealous wives that throw them headfirst into Chicago’s underbelly. Help arrives from the most unlikely of sources, their baby brother, Blue—who has secrets of his own. With Blue and his associates by their side, Robin, Raven, and Sparrow are forced to reevaluate their life choices, commit unthinkable acts, and are pushed closer to the line of no return.


“Shut the fuck up or I’ll slap you again,” I said, my hand cocked.

Grabbing my wrist, he stood and brought my body flush against his.  “Don’t do it, Raven.  The only reason you’re not flat on your ass with a broken jaw right now is because my mother is here.  Don’t press your luck.”  Flinging my wrist down, he retook his seat.  “What do you want?”

“We made a deal, Dean.  I would do this job for you and you would let me be with Pierre in peace.”

He crossed his legs and leaned back, the pants of his grey suit rising over his ankle slightly.  “No.  The deal was if you did this job for me then I would let Pierre live.”

“So, he can live but just not with me, huh?”  I sat on the couch and watched how his eyes devoured the length of my legs made visible by my short purple dress.

“Did you really think I’d let you two live happily ever after?  How many times do I have to explain this to you? This isn’t a fucking movie, Ray.  This is real life.  As far as I’m concerned, he stole you from me.  Men get killed for a lot less out here.  He’s lucky to still be taking breaths.”

Despair filled the open wounds in my heart and I willed myself not cry.  “He didn’t steal me.  I left on my own accord.  Why can’t you just let me live in peace?  I gave you fifteen years of my life.  I helped you become who you are.  Can’t you just give me that?  Can’t you just let me move on?”

Uncrossing his legs, he bent them and placed his elbows on his knees, his fingers holding up his chin.  Looking me dead in the eyes, his voice took on a deadly tone.  “You’ll never move on, Raven.  I’m as much a part of you as you are me.  I’m in your head.  I’m in your body.  I’m in your soul.  You are mine.  My imprint is all over you.  No man who values his life will touch you.  As long as I live and breathe, you will belong to me and I plan on living and breathing for a long time.”

on kindle Aug 19th

Why A Thug Can’t Love Me: A BBW Love Story by Monica Jeremie

TAMIKA_TRACKSOFMYOblivious to the lies men tell and the games they played, Sidney Jackson wants nothing more than to find love and acceptance. However, in the process of searching for “the one”, her heart is left mutilated; and her self-esteem and confidence is at an all-time low. Falling into a depression during summer break from college ultimately forces the weight loss she so desired and suddenly, a new Sidney was created.

Fueled by past rejections, Sidney returns to college, embodying society’s definition of beauty. She has a slimmer waist and more confidence, but still yearns to be loved by a man who will reciprocate her same devotion.  Then out of nowhere, came Quintavius “Q” Ford.

Q wasn’t the one who caught her eye, but when Q’s friend, Kaylin, seemingly isn’t interested, Sidney reluctantly begins to date him. To Sidney, Q is perfect, but he isn’t Kaylin and when she finally decides to take her life by the reins and guide herself to happiness, things take a turn for the worse.

When it seems that all of her efforts to find love are finally in her favor, she soon finds herself entangled in a web of meaningless sex, drugs, alcohol, and torn between two guys who have an agenda of their own. Sidney forgot one thing in this game of love and war—to love herself first.  Will it be too late for that?


With her elbows propped on her knees and her face planted in her palms, Sidney yearned for the coolness of the toilet seat against her backside to alleviate the heat coursing through her body. Despite the bone chilling air blasting from the A/C vent above her, sweat beads formed on her skin. The warmth suffocating her body became increasingly unbearable. Her head was spinning, and it felt too heavy for her neck to support. Sidney laid her head in her lap while still seated on the toilet. With a stained comforter draped over her naked body, the young college co-ed relieved some of the pressure caused by the unsettled liquor in her stomach as she emptied her bladder in the dormitory bathroom.

Mid-stream, the door slowly creaked open. Sidney squinted her eyes in an attempt to tame her wavering vision to identify the person intruding on her private moment. A brown-skinned male walked in, closing the door behind him, and he sat across from Sidney on the linoleum tile floor. Despite the linen cover barely covering her nude body, and the fact that she was currently urinating, she studied his face. She knew him from somewhere, but she couldn’t place where. The drunken female couldn’t help but admire the man’s impressive physique. But still, her heart broke, as the reason for his presence was perfectly clear.

“You alright?” he asked, seemingly sincere.

“Yeah,” Sidney slurred, reaching for the toilet paper. She racked her brain trying to recall his name.

Just as she finished dabbing herself dry with the toilet paper, the young man proceeded to kneel in between her legs and slid the raggedy comforter off to the side with his left hand, exposing her large breasts. Dumbfounded, Sidney was slightly appalled that he was trying to be intimate with her in a bathroom. If she could smell the urine rising from the toilet bowl, then he should’ve, too. Although her reaction was slightly delayed and her arm felt heavy, Sidney swiped at his hand. But it did nothing. The young man with the hershey skin continued to fondle each breast. He then brought his lips to Sidney’s neck. Momentarily, the cognac on his breath and the marijuana emanating from his skin caused her stomach to rumble with displeasure, but then the softness and coolness of his thick lips against her flesh sent electricity coursing through her body. He gently pinched her nipple, causing a throbbing sensation between her thighs.

A moaned slipped from her lips unknowingly, contradicting her true feelings.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Noticing the tremble in her slurred speech and the confused expression on her face, the male withdrew his hand and sat back on his heels. Throwing the toilet paper in the toilet and flushing it, Sidney stood and wrapped the linen tighter around her body while she reached for the door handle. Slightly turning the knob and opening the door, Sidney attempted to exit, but the guy she swore she knew from somewhere shut the door and blocked her path. Locking the door, he backed Sidney into a corner of the bathroom.

on KINDLE Aug 12th

Salim Akil & Mara Brock Akil Ink Overall Deal with Warner Bros. TV

Salim Mara Brock Akil Warner Bros

Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil have signed a multiyear overall deal with Warner Bros. TV through their Akil Productions banner, Variety has learned. The new pact begins in May 2016.

When the Warner Bros. deal kicks off, Brock Akil will transition from showrunner of BET’s “Being Mary Jane” to exec consultant.

The husband-and-wife producing team have had an overall deal with BET since May 2011. The cable net is behind “Being Mary Jane” and “The Game,” both of which Brock Akil created. The pair exec produce both series.

“Being Mary Jane,” which stars Gabrielle Union, is the network’s No. 1 show and launched scripted programming at BET, as the net’s first one-hour scripted show. A new showrunner for the series has not been named.

Prior to “Mary Jane” and “Game,” Brock Akil created “Girlfriends,” which ran on the then-UPN, followed by the CW. Akil directed the Whitney Houston film “Sparkle” and “Jumping the Broom,” starring Angela Bassett.

Both are repped by ICM and Stephen Barnes at Morris Yorn.

Are You Ready for More ‘Bad Boys’? Sony Has Set Dates for TWO Sequels #PassionateSpot


Who’s here for more Bad Boys? We definitely are!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Sony has set dates for two Bad Boys sequels.

Collective gasp.

Bad Boys 3 is scheduled to hit theaters on February 7, 2017, while Bad Boys 4 will arrive on July 3, 2019.

Yes! Yes! Yes


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