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They’re gonna kill me too; just like #SandraBland


I keep telling myself that if I continue to add to society and do good deeds then I won’t be victimzed by the KKK I mean the police. Let’s call a spade a spade the police is the new KKK. They operate as if they are the law and suffer from a deadly disease called a power trip. Give a classless man a badge and a weapon and this fool think he’s Goliath. The police are NOT the law. They are to enforce it and one thing I have seen time and time again is that they do not understand or know their position.

I AM Sandra Bland. I have no prior convictions. I am an educated woman, and I am an entrepreneur. But also like Sandra I speak openly about the lack of respect for black lives. And yes I do believe because I am a woman, educated, somewhat of a celeb, and a mother that I won’t be killed by the police. That was until they killed Sandra then the fear settled in. For years I feared raising my son who is now 8 because he is society’s number one target. But is he really? For the first time in my life when I walked out the door the next day I double checked my seat belt, I made sure I was covered because if I were pulled over I wouldn’t feel comfortable being in a dress, and then I started cussing because my break light was out. “Damn it, they are going to definitely pull me over now.” I thought.

Before I pulled out I sunk low into my seat and fought back tears. “I am an American. I am free. I pay my taxes. I have never been arrested. Why do I have to fear for my life like this? This shit isn’t fair?” I shook those thoughts out of my head and started talking to God. “You got to help!” How can I teach my kids to be strong, to not fear, and to be smart when it was clear that Sandra Bland knew her rights, voiced her rights, and the police ignored them all. Stating that she was resisting arrest when she wasn’t even under arrest.

If I know my rights. If I voice my rights. If I stand my ground what does it matter. At the end of the day I have a black face and that black face means ignorance and a menace to them. They released the name of the police officer today who arrested Sandra, and who is more likely responsible for her dying. And  I laughed upon seeing his name and face. Why did I laugh you ask?

Well killing a black face is big business in America. Soon enough this fool will have thousands of supporters and a Go Fund Me account and will be sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars soon. He’ll have an awesome legal team who may represent him for free. And he’ll get leave with benefits. What does Sandra Bland get? Six feet under and a pile of dirt.

Fuck the police! And to be quite frank about it I am Sandra Bland because I would have reacted just like her. I know my rights. So I am going to say it. And I know the risk of stating my rights but what is the alternative? Acting like a slave and HE the master by saying yes sir, take the hate, take the assault, and take the arrest so that I can live? Would I be a coward and live or die boldly? What would you do? By the way someone will die today by the hands of the police, will it be you? Will it be me? Doesn’t matter right? It’s going to be someone but will we continue to NOT get justice?

On #Kindle Pink Shades of Seduction by Hazel Mills

Shadesofpink (1)Whether newly discovered or rekindled, there is no feeling in the world like pure passion coursing through our veins. It erupts at our core and allows us to be free and uninhibited. Shades of Pink Seduction explores passions that are buried deep in the subconscious and allow you to completely surrender to love and lust on your terms. Hazel Mills delivers uncharted stories that give erotica an entirely new meaning. What lies between the pages is seduction at your fingertips.

Also by Hazel Mills, Mr. Wrong After All.


“Damon, I’m about to write you a check for a great deal of money. I need to know all there is to know about the potential recipient.”

“Oh, I see,” he replied, leaning back in his black leather chair. “Well, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”

“Not at all. I’m an open book,” I answered. I sat down in the black leather chair across from his desk and crossed my shapely caramel legs, allowing for a slight rise in my skirt. The peekaboo view of my black thong made him stutter.

“Umm… well… are you married, engaged, or dating?” he asked, trying extremely hard but unsuccessfully not to stare at my thick calves.

“No, no, and no.”

Damon cleared his throat and flashed a full smile that appeared to be ten miles wide, indicating that he was clearly pleased with my responses.

“Any prospects?”

Licking my glossed lips, I answered, “Well, I’ve got my eye on a sexy car salesman.”

“Is that right?”

His voice was different now. It was even deeper and sexier. In it, I heard the definite possibility of falling asleep in Damon’s arms at night and waking him with plenty of good loving and good food in the morning.

“That is exactly right,” I answered, taking off my panties and tossing them onto the purchase order form on the desk in front of him. Damon’s eyes widened and his forehead began to secrete tiny beads of sweat.

“Ms. James…” he said as he lifted the thong with his pen.


“This is highly inappropriate. We have to maintain a professional relationship. You have to put your panties back on.”

“You know that you can barely resist the urge to inhale the scent of my sex. Go ahead. Do it. No one is watching.”

“I can’t, Ms. James. Please, put your underwear back on before my manager walks in,” he begged and then threw them back into my lap. I couldn’t believe that he was turning down what I know to be the sweetest pussy on the planet.

“No. I prefer not to,” I said as I opened my shapely legs even wider, modeling the thin hairy strip that led the way to my treasure cove. “I know that you want to look.”

“You know what? Let’s just go ahead and finish up here,” he stuttered.

“Fine with me.”

He can’t be gay. If he is, it is a damn waste of good dick.

“What do you do for a living, Ms. James?” he asked.

“I’m an author.”

“An author? Really? That’s interesting. What genre?”

I smiled and allowed my hazel brown eyes to lock with his.


“Oh really?”


“Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?”

I knew you couldn’t resist. You do want to fuck me. I don’t know why you are playing games. But if a game is what you want…

“Here and there,” I answered. I immediately knew what his next question would be.  It’s what people, especially men, always ask me when I tell them the type of stories I write.

“Are any of your stories written about personal experiences?”

Bingo! I knew it. Same question.

“A few.”

I could tell from the curious look on Damon’s beautiful face that my response intrigued him. For the rest of the afternoon, I asked and answered a lot of questions. Some of them actually concerned the major purchase I was about to make.

After I laid out the custom features I wanted, like the red monogrammed driver’s side headrest and the twelve disk CD magazine, Damon said that it would take a few weeks to get it all done. He then volunteered to personally deliver the automobile to my home.

“Maybe you’ll let me take you for a ride when you deliver the car,” I seductively offered, hoping that he would understand exactly what I meant.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he answered, rising from his seat for the first time since we’d entered his office. One look at the mouthwatering bulge that was barely contained by his zipper and I knew why he had remained seated.

Mmm…I bet you are hung like a Brahma bull.

I took my panties and tucked them into the pocket of his blue shirt.

“One whiff of my essence and I promise, you won’t be able to think about anything else,” I whispered as I put on my Chanel sunglasses and sashayed out of the dealership.

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I am nominated for a Kontrol Your Destiny Award for “Author of the Year” #PassonateSpot

Kontrol Your Destiny Awards 2015

Closing out the FITCA weekend, Kontrol Magazine presents the 2nd Annual Kontrol Your Destiny Awards. Kontrol Your Destiny Awards hosted By Ebony Steele and held on August 16th in the heart of Downtown Atlanta at the M. Rich Building. Kontrol Your Destiny Awards recognizes and highlights outstanding people of the Atlanta Metro Area who excel and go far beyond the call of duty in their profession. You can vote for all categories or just a few, one vote per day.  Voting ends July 27th at midnight.

I have been nominated for Author of the Year

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Reco Chapple’s New Self Produced Reality TV Show. Will You Be Watching? (video)

reco chapple reality show

I’m loving the fact that Reco took the liberty to create his own lane. If you have a platform and the connects to make your vision happen then why wait? Do it yourself but do it right. I am giving Reco a round of applause for saying F it. If they won’t give me a reality show, I’ll just do it myself. It looks professionally done too. Will you watch?

Season 2 of The Illest Na-Na is now on #Kindle

illest nana-1

In the season two opener moving on from past relationships and uncovered secrets, Brianna, Natalie and Tamar try to start new chapters in their lives. With efforts to move on somehow the past still continues to haunt them. Betrayal amongst friends leaves no room to escape the drama, and forgiveness is close to impossible. Even though they are finally with the ones they truly love, trouble still seems to brew among them. Will they ever learn from their mistakes, or allow the past to abolish their futures.



“Hey Brice,” I tapped on his open doorframe. “Tamar isn’t at her desk and I can’t get her on the phone.”
“She is still in the hospital.”
“The hospital? When? No one called me.”
“She went into labor yesterday,” he said.
My eyes bulged. “Yesterday?” I questioned. I was shocked. She was like my best friend other than Nat, and she didn’t call to say she was having her baby.
“I don’t know.” Brice didn’t volunteer any further information.
“Thanks.” I hurried off. I dialed Natalie and asked her to meet me. I knew what hospital it was, because I had gone on her labor and delivery tour with her a couple of weeks ago.
“So why didn’t she call us?” Natalie asked, shocked as I was.
“I don’t know, maybe she had surgery, or don’t have her phone, who knows. I hope she and the baby are okay. I mean, she is a little early.”
“Yes, let’s just pray that she and the baby are well,” Natalie said, and we got off the phone.
I ran home and Vince was on his way out. “Baby, hey,” he said, with a kiss.
“Hey you, where are you off to?”
“The studio. Got a few things still on my checklist to get done, so we can plan my opening night.”
Stepping out of my shoes, I responded, “Well, I’m just here to change and go to the hospital. Taye went into labor yesterday and didn’t tell us.”
Tilting his head, he raised a brow. “That’s odd.”
“I know, right? Natalie and I are going to go see her. I hope she and the baby are fine.”
“Yes, me too.”
“Speaking of baby … have you heard anything from your baby momma?”
He gave me a look as to say, don’t start. “No, she’s still not taking my calls.”
“Well, maybe that’s for the best.”
“Best for whom? I don’t want Chris, but I want to be in my child’s life.”
“Maybe the baby isn’t yours. You’ve said over and over again that you’ve never once hit it raw, so it still amazes me how the miracle baby was conceived.”
“I don’t know Bre, but Chris is not like that; she’s not the type to cheat.”
“Not like either of us, huh?”
He came over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “Look, we are not going to do this today. I’m in a good mood for a change, after all the drama with Vic and Chris, so please baby.”
I touched his face and kissed him deeply. “I love you, Vince, and I’m glad that the truth is out and there is no more hiding and secrets. I’m where I want to be.”
“Good, now I’ll see you for dinner. It’s my night to cook, so have your sexy ass home on time.” He headed towards the door after swatting my ass.
“All right now, you know that turns me on,” I smiled.
“Yes, I do.” He left. I changed and headed towards the hospital. I got there before Natalie, so I waited before going to Tamar’s room. I had a bear and balloons and I was anxious to know what she had, because they confirmed it was a girl at first, and then they said a boy, so we were all confused.
“Come on.” I danced in place, wishing Natalie would walk faster. She was already twenty minutes late and I was dying to see Tamar’s baby.
“I’m coming, calm down.”
“I know she’s going to ask me to be the godmother, I just know it.”
“We shall see.”
We stopped at the desk for quick directions and we damn near ran to her room. I did a soft tap before walking in and what was on the other side of the door made my mouth drop to the floor. 
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