‘Bad Girls Club’ Star Tanisha Thomas Lands Role on Netflix’s ‘Orange is the New Black’ #PassionateSpot


Litchfield Correctional Facility just added another ‘bad girl’ to it’s roster!

Bad Girls Club star Tanisha Thomas has landed herself a new role on Netflix’s popular series Orange is the New Black.

She made the announcement via social media by posting the above pic along with the caption:

“And guess who just got invited?!!! #blessed #oitnbseason3 look out for your girl”

There aren’t any other details surrounding Tanisha’s character yet, but if it’s anything like herself we might be in for the ‘baddest’ season of OITNB yet!

Exclusive scene from A Hustlaz Dream on eBooks on Tuesday Jul 22nd #PassionateSpot

9780996084475For some, when money is the motivation, the motto is to get it by any means necessary. When love is the motivation, some will fight to maintain their position at the #1 spot. Journey with Zeh’Shown while he walks and squawks the maze of his concrete jungle in search of the culprit who tired to shake the foundation of his empire. With all the toes he’d stepped on to achieve his status, there were a number of those who welcomed his demise. Frustration sets in when his search yields no results. All the while, the person causing all the turmoil was a part of his inner circle. This is a Hustlaz Drama.

Exclusive scene:

Seeing Jai’Myiah’s pursuit in her direction with the pistol aimed directly at her and the beam dancing over her body, Omari’s one big eye got as big as a silver dollar. She crawled backwards until the metal fence allowed her to move no further. Jai’Myiah bent down to her level, placed the gun to her temple and whispered in her ear.

“Look at all this shit you brought on yourself. Dumb bitch, you should’ve known from the gate that when I entered the game shit was getting shut down, there was no longer any competition. You should have just fallen back and played your position, it would never have come to this. I’m your superior bitch, if you would’ve just recognized and humbly bowed down you could’ve still had the nigga on occasion, but you chose this. Any last words? I’ll give you a minute to say your prayers.”
“Fuck you bitch, I’ll see you in hell,” were Omari’s words before Jai’Myiah put two in her chest and one in her stomach.


IMG_20140118_122116Meet the author:

Jasmin Johnston, born and raised in the Bay Area, grew up on the streets of East Oakland were crime was very apparent. Refusing to become a product of her environment,  she fought to turn the negatives into positives and began pursuing her dream of sharing her encounters with the world. At the age of 21 while fulfilling a debt to society, she documented her life’s experiences which resulted in her first book, ‘A Hustlaz Drama. Currently residing in Vallejo,  Jasmin continues to allow the pen to tell her stories.

Find her online at:

Instagram @JasminJohnston85

Twitter @AuthorJasmin

#Atlanta Naturals in the Park {Event} #PassionateSpot

Naturals in the Park Festival 2014Join us for the 2nd Annual Naturals in the Park Family Festival

Atlanta Naturals hosts the 2nd Annual Naturals in the Park Festival for families in the Metropolitan Atlanta area to promote natural living, family health and healthy hair.  

This year our purpose is to join the fight to raise awareness and prevention of sex trafficking, so we partnered with youthSpark.  youthSpark is an organization that service exploited, abused and neglected youth locally and provide resources nationally.   All the proceeds from this event will be donated to youthSpark.  They will be present to discuss the issues and conduct a volunteer drive to continue to  raise awareness and prevention in our communities. 


Sunday, July 27, 2014
12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Back again at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation Peace Garden located at 5616 Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain, GA

Living Naturally – Hair, Body and Soul

This year’s festival includes:

  • Headline Performer: Anthony David
  • Host: Minista Jazz, Celebrity Stylist and Reality Star
  • Also performing: Anitra Jay, Real T@lk, Marian Mereba, JK Howells and others
  • LIVE Performances from Established and Emerging Artists 
  • Special Guests 
  • Comedy & Spoken Word 
  • Fashion and Hair Show
  • Food & Refreshments
  • Arts & Crafts Vendors
  • Natural Innovators Award and Stylists of the Year Awards 
  • Children Activities and Rides 
  • Natural Living Classes (Body and Health Care Classes) 
  • Hair Care Workshops 
  • Card Games and Dancing Competition for the Family 
  • and more

Register on naturalsinthepark.com or eventbrite for the complimentary Swag Bag.

$10.00 Early Bird Price (Limited Time Only)
$15.00 Ticket/Gate Price
All Children under 16 are FREE 

Proceeds to benefit youthSpark.org helping to end child sex trafficking.

Learn more at www.NaturalsinthePark.com


Tickets purchased on naturalsinthepark.com or eventbrite are non-refundable,but transferable with proper identification. Tickets purchased through other sources are non-refundable.


Book Suggestion: A Hustlaz Dream by Jasmin Johnston #PassionateSpot


Jill Scott, Eve and Regina Hall Set to Star in “With This Ring” #PassionateSpot

The Vow Image

Today’s post is a true testament to the fact that good things come to those who wait.Back in 2009, I wrote a post about Denene Millner, Angela Burt-Murray and Mitzi Miller’s novel “The Vow” hitting the small screen. Fans of the book (including yours truly) that have been waiting with baited breath for its television debut will finally get a chance to exhale! Mitzi Miller and Angela Burt-Murray just announced on Facebook over the weekend that our wait is over. With Gabrielle Union as the executive producer, an all-star cast including Eve, Regina Hall and Jill Scottt, “With This Ring” is an adaptation of the “The Vow” that’s sure to be a cable network hit.

Quick refresher: “The Vow” is  about three best friends coming together for their sorority sister’s glitzy wedding in Atlanta and make a vow to get married within one year. As they embark on their search to find their soul mates, they navigate the full-contact sport known as being a SSBFLA (successful, single, black, female in L.A.) and negotiate the shark-infested waters of making a name for themselves professionally in Hollywood.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this page-turner and can honestly say, it’s one of those juicy novels you just don’t want to tear away from. The movie will be written and directed by Nzingha Stewart and co-produced by Tracey Edmonds and Sheila Ducksworth. Definitely one to watch. Congrats, ladies!

from In Her Shoes Blog

20 Reasons Why Girls Should Enjoy Being Single In Their 20s. #6 Is WAY Underrated. #PassionateSpot

1. Be spontaneous.

This may be one of the only times in your life when you can do whatever you want, when you want and not be restricted by someone else’s desires.

2. Travel.

It’s one of the best ways to discover who you are; you’ll meet lifelong friends and make lifetime memories along the way.

3. Spend as much quality time with friends and family as you can.

Having another person in your life leaves less time for others you love, so make the most of being able to give current loved ones as much of your time now as you can.

4. Watch rom-coms and binge watch “Girls” and “Sex and the City” because you can.

5. Work hard, play harder and take time in between to reflect.

Your only responsibility is yourself, so enjoy having time to focus on what you want.

6. Learn to be okay alone.

You’ll get to know yourself better and it’s a quality you’ll need throughout your life.

7. Go on as many dates as you want.

The more, the better because the more guys you get to know, the easier it will be to know when you’ve found the right one.

8. Did I mention travel? You must travel!

9. Read hundreds of really great novels.

It’ll expand your knowledge and provide you with life lessons that will help to guide you along the way.

10. Figure out what your values are because eventually, you’ll realize how important it is to find a partner who shares those values.

11. Experience what life has to offer — get out there and do it.

Appreciate being young and free because eventually, when you do settle down, you’ll feel far more content and have less of a desire to look back. You’ll be ready for the next phase if you make the most of your youth.

12. When you get into bed, lie right in the middle, starfish-style because one day, you’ll only have one side.

13. Enjoy the freedom of being able to make decisions based solely on what you want.

This right once belonged to your parents and soon, you’ll make decisions with your partner. But right now, you hold all of the power.

14. Buy the expensive bag or the overpriced shoes you love.

Eventually, your hard-earned money will have to go towards more important, less exciting things. Right now, however, it’s all yours. Treat yourself.

15. Stay out late and sleep in as long as you like — who’s judging?

16. Figure out what you enjoy most and use any spare time you have to focus on it.

Learn to surf, get fit, write a book and take advantage of the time you have. It belongs to you and no one else.

17. Move to a new city.

If there’s nothing tying you down to where you currently live, don’t waste the chance to experience a new place, new people and new challenges. Home will always be there for you when you need it.

18. Be a “yes” person.

You have more space in your life now than you ever will; don’t let any opportunity pass you by.

19. As cliché as it is, try not to look for love.

It will only distract you from what you could be enjoying during the here and now… just let it happen.

20. Do all of this and more.

One day, when you’re telling your children about life in your 20s, you will be able to tell them how much you truly lived and how ready you were when you brought them into the world.

I’m sprung already? How do I not get caught up in a new love? #RelationshipChatter #PassionateSpot



Relationship Chatter is something I launched two years ago when so many people asked me questions about my characters. How do you come up with them? Have you ever experienced this? And to be truthful I have witnessed or felt a lot of the emotions my characters have.


I want to talk about how do you not get so caught up in a new love?


It takes a lot for me personally to get on a level of I want to date you and seriously get to know you. Not everyone is capable of getting to know the core of me simply because one can be choosey. But when you so happen to find something that seems to be one in a million how do you find a balance of I like you and I want you to know but I don’t want to smother you either?


In the process of getting to know someone you have the dates, the late night phone calls, the Q&A sessions, and the googlely eyes, and the constant kissing and touching, and then the feel of a new sex. All these things become a distraction. The newness of it all makes you feel some type of high. This is before you really get to know someone. Because people aren’t perfect and in the beginning they are just that; perfect. So how do you make sure you stay focused on work, continue to exercise and take care of you, spend time with your friends or kids, and most importantly stay spiritually strong? How do you not get so caught up and suddenly many things go neglected? Here is what some had to say? Comment and let us know how you deal with it.


Jamie Dossie from Chicago said, “Well for me I busy myself with other things. Make him the last thing on the list. Especially if my heart is still with an old love.”


Kiera J. Northington from Marietta said, “You take your time, be patient. Too many people rush in head first like love has an expiration date, or time limit. Remember that even in love, you still need time for loving yourself!”


Gloria Lynn Few from Atlanta said, “One way (I don’t recommend it) is to keep a ‘cut buddy’ on speed dial. It has to be a good one though.”


Tiss Devane of Chicago said, “Just breathe and enjoy the journey of getting to know someone, cause it is a journey….one that could go either way.”


Allison Grace of New York said, “Love you first.”


Fiero Heard of Athens said, “Limit the time you spend together…limit communication period….and mostly date others/keep your options open. If you’re always available for him….you’re gonna start wanting more.”


Shanta Gray Ursery of Forest City, AR said,  “Don’t give them your all. For women treat the man the way they have been treating women for years. It’s ok to have fun just don’t slip up and catch feelings.”

What’s your advice?




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